31 January 2005

Book: Mastering Tomcat Development

A few weeks back I got fed up with hacking through my Tomcat [Wikipedia] installation and its various configuration files--with only online flotsom to guide me--and went on the hunt for a book. Yes, a book made of paper and not bits. I went to B&N to use one of those new-fangled gift cards. A book bought from a physical store? Now I've seen everything. Mastering Tomcat Development [Amazon] looked like the very thing, but at $45 I was dubious. So I browsed Amazon with my phone and found it for ~$9.

Online purchasing: 1. Brick and mortar: 0.

So I'm now digging in to update my Tomcat installation to 4.x and fix the hacked configurations that grew from necessity and convenience. The book has very clear explanations going from square zero of where to download the files through configuration, Java servlet programming, JDBC, JSP, Tags, Strust, etc. I bought it for an explanation of the finer points of Tomcat configuration, but it will be a nice addition to my Core Java [Amazon] programming books. Expect some downtime as I move from Tomcat 3.x.

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