31 January 2005

Score and MIDI for The Silent Spectrum

Here's the score (in Allegro's MUS format) and MIDI for my rock opera The Silent Spectrum. The MIDIs were exported directly from the scoring software, so there is no articulation and the vocal melody is represented by a string sound. Information on getting the free Finale Notepad client required for viewing the score is here. The premiere program with lyrics is here (lyrics are included in the score also). Total running time is around 1 hour 10 minutes.

    Part I

  1. Show & Tell (score MIDI)
  2. In This Crowd (score MIDI)
  3. No One Receiving (score MIDI)
  4. Resonance I (score MIDI)
  5. A Silent Spectrum (score MIDI)
  6. Part II

  7. White Noise (score MIDI)
  8. Oscillations (score MIDI)
  9. The Source (score MIDI)
  10. Part III

  11. In This Video (score MIDI)
  12. Elsewhere (score MIDI)
  13. Resonance II (score MIDI)
  14. The Wire (score MIDI)
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