15 February 2005

Techie stuff

Jorn Barger of Robot Wisdom fame (not really as interesting as everyone says, but one of my very early bookmarks) has an article in The Register summarizing what caught his eye at CodeCon 2005. Much of great interest and too little time to research it. The item that caught my eye was a quick reference to the Wheat programming language. It's apparently not-ready-for-prime-time, but I can see the approach of using the Web as the root object namespace as either old news or innovative. Still not sure how it differs from existing scripting lanugages, but the excitement of some may justify further investigation.

According to Kottke, Google's define: operator (of which I mentioned recently) is actually harnessed on answers.com's content. Google had used dictionary.com (quick-and-dirty but good enough), but felt that answers.com offered an improvement for our users. Very noble. Thanks again Google, and thank you for focusing on item 6.

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