16 February 2005

Fixes and upgrades to RadioWave

A summary of some upgrades to RadioWave:

Tomcat upgraded from 3.3 to 4.1. The configuration files changed, so there were a few hiccups and frustration (and many moments of "#@!**%"), but it appears to be successful. The main reason for the upgrade was because I had documentation on 4.1 and not on 3.3. It'll make any future changes easier.

Refactored the code and database to work only with GMT. My initial design didn't scale very well for multiple time zones, so I finally refactored. The times on the Web pages are still displayed in Eastern, but the backend converts everything to GMT. It's out the door today. I've already found that it fixed several problems with the schedule, but I'll keep an eye out for oddities.

Almost immediately after I upgraded the code, WCPE and WRAS moved their schedules to different domains. WRAS sucks, doesn't stream, and is probably outdated anyway, so it really didn't matter. Although, the online schedule could still be a good source if you want to tune in locally.

I also fixed some problems with the code that generates schedule conflicts when a show is scheduled. Moving to all GMT on the backend cleaned up most of those problems.

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