1 March 2005

A comment that didn't make it

I loved the composition and intent of this comment, but felt that it was too many of the things that it said it was (idiosyncratic and superfluous) to actually post it. I still think it's relevant, generally, so I'll remember it here. I had read an entry--whose subject was blogging--from one of my frequently read blogs, and it really hit home how important this impersonal-yet-personal media is:

As much as I know that this comment is superfluous, I also know that it is in many ways essential:

Thank you for that simple thing that is blogging.

These anecdotes, these opinions, these diatribes, everything that is provided is as important as the whole of the Web. I--and I cannot be unique--value this view into your world as much as I value the views into others' worlds. The effort it takes to blog--so subjective--is of unequal value as that perceived by the recipients: those anecdotes written have mass anecdotal value. That's the genius; that which appears casual and is consumed casually may generate much more than that in both instances.

I know that this is unfortunately idiosyncratic (a sentiment best reserved for the commenter's blog), but your entry was coincidental with a timely and personal theme.


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