2 March 2005


Catching up on /. and found this thread by a developer questioning the sanity of quitting his job before he had a new one. No, I didn't write it. The responses have been around 40% "do what you love or else life ain't worth it" and 60% "you stupid asshole--you'll eventually rue that choice."

I'll ignore that I think the OP's reasons were poor (reasons are personal and can be of inexpressible and subjective importance) and say that I recommend it to anyone who feels they need to and can get away with it. Even with the minor difficulties I've had, I couldn't justify staying with a company where I was dissatisfied. I feel like I'm a conscientious worker, but aggravation slips in and makes us slack (as I had seen with many of my co-workers there, conscientious and otherwise). So: you stay with a job you hate, are a poorer employee, and deep down realize that your output suffers (with the requisite rationalizations blaming "the company" for your shitty work).

No thanks.

[ posted by sstrader on 2 March 2005 at 4:49:52 PM in Misc ]