4 April 2005

Last night's weird dream

The events were alternately a movie on TV and action I was experiencing, although I don't think I was a specific character. A group of people were beamed to a planet in another galaxy in order to explore it. The beaming technology was interesting, because I didn't understand how they could trust, on first use, that the people would end up in the correct location. I thought that they would require a receiver at the destination--but then how to get the reciever there in the first place? Anyway, the people ended up on an island in the middle of an ocean. A raft approached from the distance, and they saw that each of the aliens on it had several long strands of monofibers coming out of their bodies. The monofibers would cut through anything in their path, so everyone was going to be sliced to pieces. The end.

I think that the TV show started off as a "The Day After" type, post nuclear battle mini-series. I don't remember how it turned into space exploration. Everyone watching the show except me was familiar with it. Near the end of the dream, I was obsessed by the beaming technology and the monofibers and kept repeating those scenes.

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