5 April 2005

Another weird dream

In a small town, sort of like Asheville, some people have disappeared. There's a cover-up and the police assume that they've been killed. A private investigator is hired. He questions a wealthy mother and her daughter but they don't provide any information and mock him because he also writes romance books on the side. He asks a friend of the family who is standing there, and looks like Robert Gillaume, to search through their garbage cans. Everyone watches him search until the local sheriff arrives and stops the illegal investigation.

There's a short scene on a wooded plateau in the mountains overhanging some rapids. They think the bodies are there somewhere.

At one point in the town, we encounter a thug who takes a long pair of tweezers and shoves them up his right nostril. After a couple of seconds he pulls out what looks like a 6 inch long, flesh colored centipede. It's thick and writhing around. The thug says that because of these parasites he will live to be 2000 years old and that soon everyone will learn of this technique. Everyone thinks he's a crackpot or survivalist.

I enter the dream at night on a street in the suburbs. I'm walking up to a friend's house and there's a party in the back. Their large dog runs up to greet me and I try to quiet him down so that I can sneak up. I finally get to the back. It's dark with just tiki torches for light, and there are around six people.

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