7 April 2005

Meldau and Scofield at Variety Playhouse this Sunday

We'll be enjoying a groovy, jazzy evening at Variety Playhouse listening to the pianist Brad Meldau and the guitarist John Scofield perform. (If we can get tickets tomorrow at the box office because we refuse to pay Ticketmaster's jackass order processing charge along with their jackass "convenience" charge. The unmitigated nerve--someone needs to take them down.)

I heard Meldau years ago on WREK and scribbled his name, spelled incorrectly, in my Newton for later reference. I guess I could blame the Newton on the spelling mishap. I wasn't as hooked as I should have been when I finally got his CD--I was listening to bop mostly, and his style is much smoother--but his stuff eventually grew on me. During my sabattical, I finally heard his epic version of Radiohead's "Paranoid Android" on WERS's jazz show.

I first heard John Scofield after a Dave Matthews concert. I was dragged to the concert against my will by a certain person, but was amazed to see that Herbie Hancock [Wikipedia] and the Headhunters were opening. At some point after the show, they gave out cassette tapes with a few tracks from The Headhunters and a few from John Scofield. Before the wife got me my six-CD changer for the Beetle all I had was the tape player, so that got a lot of play.

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