15 April 2005

Hipster doofus

Reading Lori's wonderful rant against hipster lingo got me pondering the hipster backlash she links to at Stereogum. The Stereogum rants were mostly people recognizing the current buzz and then mocking that buzz--as long as you mention The Arcade Fire or the iPod or PBR, you're on your way to a quality mock. Waitaminute, am I mocking mocking?!? Anyway, how does what's (fringe) popular become something popular to mock? I guess when you're part of groups with specific interests, it can seem that you're immersed in flotsam--flotsam that's being taken too seriously.

But then, sometime people do take it too seriously. Like that scene from Garden State where Natalie Portman says such-and-such band will "totally change your life." You can imagine all those hipsters nodding along with Zack Braff as he confirms the life-changingness of a ... pop song.

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