25 May 2005


From bobafred, a meme:

Total volume of music on your computer:

Windows says 13.9 GB (15,002,454,257 bytes) in the Music directory on the network. RealPlayer's organizer says 3,106 songs, 275:02:04 hours:minutes:seconds of music and 13.12 GB. There may be a few radio shows I haven't added to RP.

The last album you purchased was:

Two Fiery Furnaces CDs for our trip to Destin; Blueberry Boat and EP.

Song playing right now:

All is silence since we returned from Destin. So, I guess I could say I'm currently listening to John Cage's 4'33".

Five songs you’ve been listening to a lot recently, from several genres:

My playlist pretty much says it all, but I can be more specific:

  1. Shostakovich, Preludes Op. 34, No. 6
  2. The Fiery Furnaces, "Here Comes the Summer" from EP. It reminds me of ABBA, of all things, yet I like it.
  3. Woody 'N You, Coleman Hawkins & His Orchestra. From the boxed set that I picked up in a Dublin flea market for 20 Euro called Bebop Spoken Here [Amazon] (and is finally available on Amazon). Much of it is extremely lo-fi, but the music comes from that great in-between period from big band to bebop. 97 tracks of groovy fun.

Five people to whom you’re passing the baton:

Since my range of music is as limited as my online aquaintences, and since the exponential implications of sending this out to five more people could be disastrous to all available space on the Internets, I'll limit my infliction of this meme to The Centrifuge to get him out of his non-posting funk.

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