28 May 2005

Dawkins and the value of uncertainty

Dawkins gives a passionate and eloquent defense of scientists plagued by the deceit of Intelligent Design. Scientists revel in the unknown in the hope to make it known. That admission of uncertainty, even when used as rhetorical setup to make the reveal of a truth more dramatic, is being used with deceitful misquoting by ID advocates.

Today’s scientist in America dare not say: “Hm, interesting point. I wonder how the weasel frog’s ancestors did evolve their elbow joint. I’ll have to go to the university library and take a look.” No, the moment a scientist said something like that the default conclusion would become a headline in a creationist pamphlet: “Weasel frog could only have been designed by God.”


Scientific American's article "15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense" should be required reading for high school students. In fact, it should be put on stickers in the front of every biology book.

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