31 May 2005


Gettin' ready for NYC and another long weekend. It should be the last until the end of the contract in July, although my boss has been trying to find work to extend my stay, as was his boss's boss (my Great-grand-boss). Busy doing a lot of Java at home over the past several days. Finally finished the arrangement for The Who song a couple of days ago and will clean it up and post it before I leave. Got the new version of Allegro, but not sure if it has any better exporting. Dad left last Wednesday for his 6-month hike down the Appalachian Trail [Wikipedia] (beginning in Maine). We should hear from him again in a week or so. He'll be sending photos and such, and I'll try to find a way to get them posted.

NYC will be fun. Plans for: Philip Glass concert, the Statue of Liberty (I was up in her head in 5th grade--wish I would've left my initials to re-discover!), Flute (a hip champagne bar), and DJ Sasha at Crobar.


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