7 June 2005

MyMedia, part 2

Related to my recent post on the dystopic personalization of media, Terry Teachout has an essay on the history of blogging [ via Alex Ross ].

With all of the great detail offered, I'm a little doubtful about his overall explanations that the red/blue state dichotomy sparked the drive for personalized culture (because the red states were disenfranchised by Liberal Media). He also asserts that the disconnect between mainstream media and groups not represented by mainstream media is somehow new to our modern culture (and that the common culture of widely shared values and knowledge that once helped to unite Americans of all creeds, colors, and classes no longer exists). There are many ideas in the essay so I'll need to re-read, but his conclusions seem considerably counter to historic example.

[ posted by sstrader on 7 June 2005 at 5:08:11 PM in Culture & Society ]