19 June 2005

Google mobile, mobile Google

Google has begun providing a PDA-focused front-end for searching [via [H]ard|OCP]. I had noticed a week or so ago that their site was slightly different on my phone. I had assumed it was a simple reformatting of an already sparse page, and had hoped that they would eventually update it to index PDA-only content. Voila, they have.

On the ride up to Nantahala yesterday, Lisa wanted to check scores for some college game of some sort. Sports pages are notoriously bulky and inefficient (Flash, tables, no CSS, etc.), so just loading a page of scores was iffy. I went on a bitching jag about the general idiocy of commercial Web sites that provide neither lean nor PDA-friendly sites. I haven't tested the Google results, but their intent should bring more traffic to the existing PDA content and therefore more attention to the greater demand in this era of A Blackberry in Every Household.

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