28 June 2005

Immersion, part 2

Remember when you re-watched one of those cyberspace movies that had a 2nd-tier kind of popularity 10 years back or so? And remember how painfully gay they looked with people flying around in space and manipulating colored boxes that represented THE CENTRAL MAINFRAME, or something equally stupid? Well, check out Google Earth [via cyanbane]. Just last week, I was in a debate with someone about the value of these new, immersive search options such as this and MS's Virtual Earth. We're certainly in the heydays of search technology.

It's like flying around in cyberspace. Only not so gay.


(Props to the long-defunct Lasoo search engine for having several of Google Earth's features five years ago.)

[ posted by sstrader on 28 June 2005 at 4:33:34 PM in Science & Technology ]