13 July 2005


At around 2:00 PM EDT today, news sites began reporting that the mission has been scrubbed. Aww. Mason IMed me after he got it from a friend at the launch site. NASA TV had been silent for a while. NASA TV said the cancellation was due to a failed eco-sensor; news reports are saying faulty fuel-tank sensor. I'm assuming they're the same thing.

Inspired by the geek clients that Lisa's company is doing work for, I'm watching NASA TV in anticipation of the launch today at 3:51 PM EDT (it's really been 2-1/2 years?). I remember watching NASA TV early on in Internet streaming days. They broadcast extended camera shots of the rotating Earth from earlier shuttle trips, and I would leave RealPlayer up in a small window alway-on-top as I'd spend late nights at one-company-or-another writing code. It was kindof peaceful and completely silent, and I'd imagine that it was happening real-time. Me looking at my screen looking at the world--like how it feels with Google Earth now.


Their official site for this launch has all the low-down, including a countdown clock so that you can do the 10-9-8-7-6-thing at home!

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