13 August 2005

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Picking up a couple of the Naxos CDs I had purchased for future listening.

First, the Elliott Carter. I was dumbfounded at first listening to the Copland-styled tonality of the Holiday Overture and Symphony No. 1. He was, apparently, still finding his own style in these early pieces. A style I would praise from Walter Piston I only tolerate from Carter, possibly because of the unique experience of hearing Carter's own voice in his two-movement Piano Concerto that closes the CD. Difficult but enjoyable.

Ginastera is one of those composers I know of but don't know. Time to get more familiar with his Piano Concertos (yesyes, Keith Emerson did an arrangement of No. 1's Toccata on Brain Salad Surgery [Amazon]). These come after his overtly nationalistic period and can be compared with Bartok's works: both composers created very nationalist works that then influenced their more, say, international styles.

From RadioWave, I've got the two Romatic era Violin Concertos of Max Bruch.

Finally, some nerdcore from MC Frontalot. Poor programming, I know, but it's new so I gotta listen to it.

Elliott Carter: Symphony No. 1; Piano Concerto
Elliott Carter: Symphony No. 1; Piano Concerto; Carter, Elliott [Radio from the Ether]

Ginastera: Piano Concertos Nos. 1 and 2
Ginastera: Piano Concertos Nos. 1 and 2; Ginastera, Alberto [Radio from the Ether]

Nerdcore.Hiphop; MC Frontalot [Radio from the Ether]

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