17 August 2005

Last night

One of my initial impulses for a blog was to record the when and the where of those many places I go and yet quickly forget. What did I do last week? How the hell should I know. Well, now I will make a concerted effort to know:

Last night: B-day party for a friend at Piebar then more drinks at The Independent. Piebar was not the hipswank type joint that I had feared, and our waitress impressed the geeks at the table with a high-tech method of pre-emptively splitting the check: tear off a piece of paper with a little number written on it and hand it to the person. Voila. Lisa and I were #16.

The Independent was nice enough, but ... well, I had a somewhat humbling experience. So by that time, the b-day crowd of 25-or-so had filtered down to maybe 6-or-so and we were mostly sitting in this living room type area: a couple of couches around a coffee table. Anyway, Lisa was busy getting some kinda scoop on something from some friend, so I tried to talk to this random unknown girl in the group. Well, apparently my conversations are the most boring things in the world. I don't flirt per se (Lisa may disagree), so although I was drunk enough not to remember the specifics of the conversation (something about her job or something?) I remember it wasn't anything as goofy as some of my other drunk conversations have been. Whatever we were talking about, she could not get away from me quickly enough. So either: (a) I'm boring, or (b) I appear to be "on the make" and am a buffoon. Either way it ain't pretty. (a) is actually more upsetting. Why do I even try to talk to people?

I'm staying in.

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