21 August 2005

An evil genius visits Atlanta

Went to see MF Doom [Wikipedia] at The Loft last night with Scott (not me, the other Scott). Great show for my introduction into live, underground hip hop. Check out Doom's colorful history on Wikipedia. And, yes, he raps with that metal mask. Cool.

mf doom

The (many) opening MCs were mixed, but Mobonix stood out for me. And Doom's DJ, DJ Kool Akiem, introduced me to some kool music, although I unfortunately have no idea who it was he played (I was the only one in the crowd with that problem, as everyone was singing along).

Odd event of the evening: on the walk over to The Loft, some scruffy guy started walking with me and either offered or asked for sex, I couldn't really tell which. Once my position on that subject was clear, he went on a rambling monologue that ended with a somewhat schizophrenic list of items that he knows: Motorola vacuum tubes, the electromagnetic spectrum, sine waves, heraldry, ley lines, etc. It went on and on until we had to part as he made his way back to Peachtree Street. Crazy kids.

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