22 August 2005

Recent work

Along with the EventNet project, I've been refactoring the aggregation code behind RadioWave within Eclipse. The debug tools there have been helpful in cleaning up the mess that can occur when learning new techniques. Yeah, excuses excuses. Anyway, while finding my way around Eclipse, I fixed some problems with duplicate entries in BBC 4, eliminated failed updates of file-based Web sites, and sped up the database access. However, with all of that reorganization and testing some of the existing recordings were lost. Duh. Still, it always feels good to clean house.

Kevin recommended WREK's Tuesday show "Loud Smoky Rooms," but their stream hasn't worked over the last few days, so I don't have too much hope of it getting recorded. The two problems with aggregating streaming radio have been lack of online schedules and obfuscated or missing stream links. Independent and public broadcasting stations seem to be the most open with both, with commercial and (surprisingly) college the least. There's a lesson in there somewhere.

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