29 August 2005

Eclipse gotcha

Eclipse will sometimes allow you to have multiple views of the same file open. Often when debugging, it will open a new view of the file when it stops on a breakpoint. If you leave these multiple views open, you run the risk of editing one and losing changes in another. Ouch. I had read about this problem in a review of Eclipse, had kept an eye out for it, had see it happen several times and dodged it, but was just recently stung. So watch out. Sometimes the bug is smarter and more vigilant than the user.

I'm still enjoying Eclipse, it's just that I'm now rubbing the bump on my head where it hit me with a frying pan, and looking at it warily: "Oh, you ... (wagging finger with a slightly pained expression) ..."

[ posted by sstrader on 29 August 2005 at 2:51:46 PM in Programming ]