6 September 2005

Awful, part 2

Something Awful has provided a summary of their pained dealings with PayPal. Heh. He had to contact customer support (many times) and of course could only obtain their number by going to PayPalSucks.com (although present on the PayPal site, it is arguably difficult to find). These gripes have been going on for a while, and I guess you could say that anyone with any savvy should already be forewarned about PayPal. I guess. SA's assessment:

I'm not going to tell people to close their Paypal accounts. I'm not going to say all their actions were completely unwarranted. I'm just presenting my experience with them and will allow you to draw your own conclusions. However, I harbor a fundamental disagreement with their business practice of assuming all their clients are filthy criminals who must repeatedly prove their innocence to a series of unmanned servers and computer systems. I do not support their ability to freeze entire accounts, take money from whoever they want at whatever time they want, and impose whatever arbitrary rules and regulations they deem necessary without having to answer to any organization. Every single cent in every single Paypal account is earning their company ungodly amounts of interest in their central bank account. They offer users credit cards and the chance to put your money into interest-generating accounts. So exactly why are they not under banking and FDIC rules again?
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