6 October 2005

Life lessons as I catch up on news

What I've been told by some of my more virulent conservative friends:

Liberals are the only people who expect handouts ... unless they're conservatives who've gotten no-bid contracts from their friends in the government.

[ U.S. to correct no-bid contract abuses, from International Herald Tribune ]

Liberals regularly benefit from handouts ... unless they're conservatives who are appointed by their friends, beyond their ability, to high-paying government positions.

Liberals are the only people who have no personal responsibility ... unless they're conservatives acting as apologists for those burdened with responsibility.

After great consideration of this report and its conclusions, I will not convene an accountability board to judge the performances of any individual CIA officers. Risk is a critical part of the intelligence business. Singling out these individuals would send the wrong message to our junior officers about taking risks.'

[ CIA Director, Porter Goss, quoted in MercuryNews.com ]

(Yeah. It would sent the message that if you choose to take risks in an area that can have serious consequences, you should be held accountable for the decision to take those risks and put others in jeopardy.)

Liberals will reactively criticize any conservative appointee ... unless they're conservatives who are more reactive than is healthy.

[ Rev. Falwell Backs Harriet Miers for Supreme Court, Saying Liberals 'Would Vote No on Jesus', from NewsMax (I'm quoting NewsMax now?!?) ]

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