10 October 2005

What happened to All Star Pizza?

Last night, the 14th Street All Star Pizza took their increasingly bad service a step further and delivered us two sideways pizzas. It was gross and unfortunately discovered after the delivery guy left. Whyohwhy don't I check it at the door?!?

They'd been my favorite choice over the 10th Street Dominos. That Dominos has constantly changing employees and managers, and the deliveries often had mistakes or missing items (drinks, etc.). And if you're unwise enough to go pick up your order, you'll expect the same high quality service with an added wait that will probably be longer than delivery. I dropped them for All Star and now think I'll give up on delivery pizza completely.

What do I expect? Their primary customers are college students, so they're probably trying to get away with as much as their customers. I've considered complaints of some sort, but I'm pretty pessimistic about customer service. Return the pizza and go to the grocery store: I'll probably be waiting for the manager no matter how noisy I am then begin the actual foraging for food elsewhere. Add the initial wait for delivery, the drive to complain, the wait to complain, the drive to the grocery store ... anyway, cut to three hours later when we're finally eating dinner. I flirted with the idea of calling them, but what response can I really get from that? "I just wanted to call and complain," or "give me a coupon for one of your free crappy pizzas."

I recommend the Fruschetta Brick Oven frozen pizza (it's square!) for around $5.

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