22 October 2005


A couple of days ago, Lisa went to Target and got: Halloween candy, miniature Magic 8 Balls (!), Halloween paddle-ball paddles with a rubber ball attached by springy rubber bands, and cleaning supplies.

There's this spray cleaner that she started buying a few months ago called "method." I'm completely hooked on it: non-toxic, biodegradable, naturally derived (?), and never tested on animals. And it smells like grapefruit. Aaaaad they thank me for recycling. You're welcome.

Anyway, Target, despite often having things in confusing locations, has always been high on my list of where to get STUFF. But wait: Lisa just got word that they've joined the evil empire by apparently allowing their pharmacists to deny birth control based on their belief system. I found a reference of it on Daily Kos along with contact numbers and related articles. After complaning to Target, the author got a (basically meaningless) reply.

"Will Target stop denying medication to women?"

"Outlook not so good."

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