16 November 2005


I hadn't written anything on the sad demise of Arrested Development because I just didn't have anything pithy to say. We'll miss it, and one of the best gifts we'd received in the past was the season one DVD. I recently heard an interview with the creators on Fresh Air and they pointed out what we all love: it's an eminently re-watchable show because it is so dense with gags.

Now, although I love Arrested Development, I don't trust people who insist that it's "too smart" for TV. What the hell does that mean anyway? It's too easy to pat yourself on the back as a Sophisticated Consumer when a well-written show that you like goes under. Its quirky humor and (unfortunately) erratic schedule combined to aid in its demise. Oh, and the fact that it's made up of an ensemble cast including several veterans might make it a little more costly than The King of Queens or (shudder) Two and a Half Men. There are many good shows that make it. This one didn't.

OK, enough ranting.

My intent here is to point out a suggestion over at Lost Remote that bump had pointed to. LR proposed that Arrested Development should investigate the VOD and streaming models. This, in combination with its healthy DVD sales, could support the costs. Great ideas there. And some good musings in the comment section. Much more pithy than any rant I could come up with. The concepts may-or-may-not work, but they are certainly related to what we'll see in the future, and who better to begin the trend than such a Very Smart show?

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