29 November 2005

New work

My current contract (at MedQuist) has ended, and they offered me a position. Well, they offered to offer me a position, and I accepted that offer. The second offer. The offer for the position, that is. So, as soon as I finish the paperwork, I guess I'll get the offer. The offer that I have accepted. I think they hired me for my succinct loquaciousness.

So, one aspect that's nice is that I get to move on to Java development. I've been doing the basic stuff at home (JSPs, servlets, etc. on Eclipse) but will have a chance to get much deeper into the mix at MedQuist. MedQuist is the world's leading medical transcription service provider ... blah blah blah, yackety yackety blah. The bottom line: their products deal with medical transcription through coding (classification) of those transcriptions. They also cover all of the speech rec in between using the Philips engine. I wasn't expecting to be hooked into a permanent position but have met a few others at the company with a very similar development philosophy. It's nice to be in your element and have such a wealth of interesting projects to work on.

And what a great time to start a permanent position: Xmas Holidays!!

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