19 January 2006

2nd open mic

Last night had its problems, but my performance wasn't all that bad. I got signed up for the 11:00 slot which wouldn't be so bad but some friends came at around 9:30 (thanks Cathy, Allison, and Steve!), so I felt responsible for making them wait so long. To top it off, everyone was running long, so I didn't make it on until ~11:30. Someone in the audience from last week (Tracy?) gave me some unsolicited encouragement--which felt wonderful--but unfortunately she and her boyfriend had to leave before I went on. They said something about meeting George Glass...

Anyway, what I learned:

  • They really need to get a lottery for the sign-up. Everyone gathers inconspicuously around the signup table waiting for the owner and then decends on him like ... well, inconspicuous vultures, I guess. And obviously I'm not very good at it. Lisa offered to be my signup thug next week.
  • The etiquette of musicians staying until the last musician plays is apparently only in my mind. And some will sign up, leave, return at their time, then head out.
  • Keep positive no matter what. The last guy that played (there were two after me) was out there and gave it everything. Keeping friends so late kindof discombobulated me, so I wasn't as focused as I should have been. I need to just ignore that and play.
  • The etiquette of the owner not sitting in for a second session of his own when the schedule is running late is also only in my mind. Nice guy and a good musician, but when he started a set a little after 11, and there was still one person in front of me, that put a damper on things.
  • Did I say "keep positive"?

Highlights: a treacherously difficult and well-executed They Might Be Giants cover, and another nice set from this older guy ("Lint-head" Johnson? IIRC) who has a wonderfully fat-tounged voice that works so well over his slide playing. Also Bill? (and Babette?) recommended a good place for custom keyboard cases--which of course I can't find now.

As one of our few late-night dining choices, Lisa and I went to DaVinci's again afterwards--open till 2:30 on weekdays. I'd like to make it a regular thing (play out, eat at DaVinci's and bitch about what went wrong/right), but Lisa's getting a bad vibe from the staff like we shouldn't be ordering food so late. I'll give it a few more tries. Maybe we just need to become regulars.

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