12 February 2006

Changing screen orientation on my Dell Inspiron

I was quickly hitting Ctrl+Left-Arrow to go back in my browser history and somehow changed my Dell Inspiron 6000 screen to portrait mode (everything's sideways). The mouse still, of course, responded in the same way--expecting that you had some sort of tilt-and-swivel setup--so up was left and right was down. Sort of. No key combination returned me to landscape, so I did a quick--yet cumbersome--search. Nothing. I eventually discovered the steps that will get it back to normal, here they are:

  1. Select the desktop
  2. Shift-F10
  3. Graphic options
  4. Graphic properties...
  5. Rotation tab
  6. Normal

Tada! I'm an idiot, 'cause I still don't know what I did to swap the orientation.

[ updated 17 May 2008 ]

Updated with minor clarifications.

[ posted by sstrader on 12 February 2006 at 8:27:09 PM in Science & Technology ]