26 February 2006

The IT Dud

Finally succumbed to the geek hype and watched the first episode of The IT Crowd on Google Video. Meh. In a discussion thread comparing The British Office with The American Office, someone posted that American humor is always more obvious and slow-witted. If The IT Crowd is to be a good example of non-American subtlety, it fails completely. The IT workers are anti-social nerds and everyone else is vacuous and computer illiterate. There's more comedic insight in a Revenge of the Nerds sequel. Add to that pratfalls and obvious sight gags and you have something equal to the more lowbrow American sitcoms. Just as the British gave us The Office, we've produced Arrested Development. I'm not trying to introduce a competition: just trying to dispel a silly bias.

There's good and bad from both, and unfortunately The IT Crowd is just a simplistic and generic sitcom. I'll sit through the second episode in the hope that it gets better, but I think people are just getting overexcited about spotting the Flying Spaghetti Monster and an old PET computer on the show and confusing in-jokes for insight.

[ posted by sstrader on 26 February 2006 at 1:48:59 PM in Culture & Society ]