24 March 2006

The sing-along beard

Possibly the funniest comic I've ever read in my life, ever, was one that I had read years ago posted on the Internets called "The Sing-along Beard." It told a completely ludicrous morality tale about the harm caused by following fads. The particular fad of the story was a fake beard marketed as (for no particular reason) The Sing-along Beard and which became insanely popular. Chaos ensued.

So, for no particular reason, I was thinking about it recently and decided to look it up. Nothing. The only hit I get is a post in rec.sport.pro-wrestling.moderated where someone used a quote from the comic in their sig. College boy thinks he's too good for the sing-along beard, huh? Can you believe this? My only goal in life now is to find that comic.

seancostello over at The Halls of Valhalla has the scoop! The cartoonist is Sam Henderson and the cartoon is from a set called The Magic Whistle. Not sure what issue has TS-aB, but with strips like "Contest to sit on cats" and "Pickles the Exploding Dog!" I don't think I can go wrong.
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