30 May 2006

RealClimate on An Inconvenient Truth

[ updated 31 May 2006 ] Well, this answers quite a bit about the JunkScience site:

Steven Milloy is a columnist for Fox News and a paid advocate for Phillip Morris, ExxonMobil and other corporations. ... Milloy runs the website Junkscience.com

It's not his conflict of interests that allow us to dismiss his claims, it's his track record of lies listed at The Skeptic's Dictionary and SourceWatch. This is why you trust signed, open authorship: so you can weed out the noise.

Eric Steig over at RealClimate has posted a review of Gore's An Inconvenient Truth [ via Digg ]. Steig gives a very positive review of the science in the movie. For the few criticisms and controversies, he links to prior discussions on RealClimate that examined those issues. Good information; RealClimate is an invaluable and open forum for scientists and non. Another Digg commenter posted a link to JunkScience's negative review of the movie. It has, notably, no open comments, but since knowledge wants to be free the thread at the RealClimate review begins to address those assertions at comments #72 and #73. Much more to read later.

The phrase junk science has been adopted by certain for-hire and astroturf groups who spread misinformation under the pay of corporations. Their site may be different, but that association is distracting. Add the lack of a forum (suggesting they don't care to open their assertions to debate) and lack of authorship (cf. RealClimate's articles) and the JunkScience site begins to appear uncomfortably opaque. The facts asserted are the important issue, but JunkScience.com certainly doesn't get any points for openness.

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