2 July 2006

Happy retirement

The family came over yesterday to celebrate my mom's retirement (her last day was Friday). Lisa was out of town to celebrate her aunt's birthday, so I was stuck with all kitchen duties. The menu:

  • Cheese (Dubliner, Manchego, Emmenthaler, and Chevre) and bread
  • Caprisi salad
  • Stuffed pork chops with a ragout of cipollini onions and tomatoes over basmati rice
  • Ice cream!

It was non-stop shopping and cooking most of the day. Almost everything was timed perfectly except that I ended up over-cooking the pork and was a little short on the ragout--which had a great Moroccan flavor. Otherwise, a very nice celebration.

My older niece left her book, Horse in the House (subtitled: Could it be a ghost horse?), so I'm reading it:

"You'd better come in," Winifred said, leading the way.

Mandy's heart was beating fast as she and James followed him. She couldn't believe it. Winifred had been keeping Matty in the house!

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