30 July 2006

Morgellons catch-up

Reading the Digg comments on Morgellons is like going through the whole process of shock (But what makes this even worse is being labeled as mentally deficient and writing it off as an imaginary condition, 2nd comment, +18 diggs), concern (Fuck bird flu, i want immunization from this, 11th comment, +20 diggs), suspicion (Looks like some lint stuck to a scab to me, 17th comment, +2 diggs), and debunking (I was actually the person who wrote the original article suggesting it was a viral marketing scheme, 38th comment, +6 diggs) all at once. The videos posted, in contrast to the proof that they're supposed to offer, are surprising in their effective debunking of the claims. It's odd that some crazy bitch didn't attack Digg too.

The best comment, of course, posited that Morgellons is a series of tubes!

[ posted by sstrader on 30 July 2006 at 4:24:00 AM in Culture & Society ]