7 October 2006

TV shows, cont.

Not to be forgotten:

  • Six Feet Under - Now on basic cable. Quietly quirky after two episodes, we'll definitely stick with this through the season. Nothing really surprising here, but it's likably competent.
  • Heroes - I had the revelation that this is what Alan Moore has been doing for years, but sort of told with a Marvel sensibility (yes, that's an insult). This is a graphic novel re-tooling of the super-hero genre. People not familiar with such dramatic dissections are initially confused by the girl who has an alter-ego in mirrors. It's not an official Super Power, however it would fit perfectly in any of the secondary characters in Moore's Top Ten series. That being said, I don't like the Lost aspect of mysteriously intertwined lives and the only likable character is the over-awed Japanese guy who can teleport. Still, I'm interested to see where it goes and what evil villains must be thwarted.
  • Dr. Who - This fails in so many way, and yet I'm hooked. The season finale was a perfect example: the Bad Wolf meme suggested something with a much better payoff that what actually happened. Still, good cheesy entertainment. Maybe I'm just hooked on Billy Piper.
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