8 January 2007

Secret law stays

The Supreme Court has declined to hear the case of Gilmore v. Gonzales. Papersplease.org has a succinct writeup (someone please flesh out the Wikipedia entry!):

John Gilmore is disappointed that the Supreme Court refused to act on the danger posed by the unconstitutional position of the TSA, and its refusal to release the text of the law that it uses to require travelers to show identification. ... This country has a remarkable history of publishing its laws, to give the public notice of the behavior the government demands of them. John has pursued this effort because, as he said on www.papersplease.org, [u]ntil Americans have the ability to know the contents of the laws being applied to them, our Republic is in danger.

You read that correctly: he's asking simply that the law stating that you must show ID to fly be made public. Yipes.

[ posted by sstrader on 8 January 2007 at 8:05:08 PM in Politics ]