15 January 2007


[ updated 18 Jan 2007 ]

Aha. I see that Jon Stewart pre-emptively made my point adding the Levin-Reid Amendment in for good measure. And, of course, he was hilarious in his pre-emption.


I have yet to hear a coherent policy out of the Democratic side with respect to an alternative.

- Dick Cheney

Here're some Democrats that have offered an alternative: Vernon Jordan, Jr., Leon E. Panetta, William J. Perry, and Charles S. Robb. They're one half of the Republican-led Iraq Study Group. You can also look for Democrats in the U.S. officials (includes civilian and military) in the 10-page list [ pdf ] of those people that the ISG committee interviewed.

Sadly one word--surge--is more catchy to the president than a list of 79 researched-yet-difficult recommendations. The president is taking the easy way out, and Cheney is dutifully diverting attention.

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