20 October 2007

IMSLP v. corporate lawyers

Anyone care to guess who won? Yesterday, the IMSLP project leader voluntarily took down the site, probably for good. This site was one of the best things to happen to the internets and music. Discussion in the IMSLP forums revealed that it was being used by schools around the world (and more importantly by me!). Very unfortunate. The only hope is that libraries and schools step up and support the tremendous effort that IMSLP went through to be absolutely within the law. Corporate fucks.

[ updated 21 Oct 2007 ]

Finally getting a little more attention:

And the IMSLP forums are getting really hot. Sadly, the story's not showing up on any of the music bloggers I read. (Emailing ...)

[ updated 21 Oct 2007, again ]

And yet more

Commentary across the web is mostly supportive. The few accusations of the site admin "giving up" are generally squelched when they realize that it's a lone college student supporting the site with their spare time and money. Slashdot comments were at times the most judgemental ("just write an IP filtering script, duh!!"). Maybe Boing Boing's attentions will bring further legal support and expertise.

[ updated 22 Oct 2007 ]

More music blog attention:

Tim Rutherford-Johnson at The Rambler provides a good summation: IMSLP took its copyright responsibilities seriously. ... The IMSLP was not some wild west web hub for mass copyright infringement. It provided a service that was valued by performers, libraries, universities and musicologists: people and institutions who contribute to musical activity, rather than simply consume it.

[ updated 23 Oct 2007 ]

Feldmahler posted this in the IMSLP forums' admin thread yesterday afternoon:

Basically, negotiations are planned between an organization and me regarding the continuation of IMSLP. Another IMSLP contributor has already had contact with the organization regarding this matter, but I have yet to speak with the organization in person (this is scheduled to happen during the next week). I also have a few other routes and offers for help, and will try to combine them so that we have something good Smile

But no, IMSLP is not dead, and it will not be dead if I can help it.

Much more optimistic than their original post. Also, this was their hope from the start (of the end). From their message on the 20th:

The most important thing at the moment, and for which I would be very grateful for help, is to interest larger organizations in continuing or supporting IMSLP. Monetary concerns are minimal; however, support from large organizations is essential. Here I would like to thank the large amount of libraries and educational institutions who have offered support; I will respond as soon as possible.

[ updated 25 Oct 2007 ]

Tentatively awesome news via Scott Spiegelberg: Project Gutenberg is offering to host the IMSLP catalog! Original story from /.. Scott has also provided many good links to still unthreatened sheet music sites. Nice. Now, go donate half of your spare change to PG and the other half to Wikimedia's current fund drive.

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