30 January 2008

Political links

  • BBC documentary on the fiction of al Quaeda - Reddit comments then contain a quick flurry of other recommended documentaries viewable online.
  • "What Our Top Spy Doesn't Get: Security and Privacy Aren't Opposites" by Bruce Schneier - As usual, he hits it out of the park. Money quote: Security and privacy are not opposite ends of a seesaw; you don't have to accept less of one to get more of the other. Think of a door lock, a burglar alarm and a tall fence. Think of guns, anti-counterfeiting measures on currency and that dumb liquid ban at airports. Security affects privacy only when it's based on identity, and there are limitations to that sort of approach.
  • NPR fact-checks the SOTU - A quick look at each of his points. SOTUs are an easy target because they tend towards the rose-colored end of the spectrum of glasses, but Bush's was just wildly disconnected from reality (surprise?).
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