13 May 2008

Mike Norman

So one of the racist Marietta bar owner's many bon mots--displayed in the redneck businessman's version of Yosemite Sam mudflaps: the backlit plastic letter sign--was no habla espanol--and never will. Ignoring the recursive idiocy of such a statement (akin to saying "only kikes think I'm a jew-hater" or ... well, you get the idea), I'm just glad that I had Freedom Tortillas for lunch today and not those nasty, non-American ones. GOUSA!!

[ update: 14 May 2008 ]

Pharyngula teaches the controversy on our new-found Georgia racism and the masses of ScienceBlog readers tip the AJC poll from ~52% not racist v. ~48% racist to a heartening-if-it-hadn't-come-from-outsiders ~40% not racist v. ~60% racist. *sigh*. Still, the memory of the original poll results (and what will probably be increased patronage of the bar by a certain segment of the population) won't go away.

To console your despair, go play Racism Bingo over at Shakespeare's Sister...

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