1 August 2008

Julia Allison, nothing to see here, move along

Wired magazine's recent issue (16.08) has a cover story about someone named Julia Allison (me neither). She's supposedly "internet" famous because she has a popular blog about her life, hangs with the hipsters, and ... that's about it. I guess that technically does make her famous, but Wired insists that this is some kind of new famous because she did it on the internet. Typical Wired.

I hate to rant again about Daniel J. Boorstin's book The Image, but this is a perfect example. JA is nothing but an online Paris Hilton. In Boorstin's words, she's famous for being famous. She hasn't accomplished anything notable or unique, she's simply good at getting people to talk about her (yes, I hesitated to post anything but hey, I'm not famous so it really doesn't add to the mix). There's tons of people who do that and just doin' it on the internet is not that notable.

[ posted by sstrader on 1 August 2008 at 12:19:59 PM in Culture & Society ]