28 August 2008


Gettin' caught up. Man, some outstanding speeches. Democrats, for the first time in a loooooong time, didn't fuck this one up and implode. They were on target, passionate, and generally good-to-great hittin' the right themes of (1) restoring the constitution, (2) restoring international diplomacy and thus international respect, and (3) correcting the imbalance of wealth. Charisma and content has returned after eight long years. Our story thus far:

  • Michelle Obama [ Part 1 | Part 2 ] - Touted as "average" by those brainless drones from the Box Network, her speech was reserved and honest. She didn't discuss policy (and why would she?) but spoke of their life together and how it illustrates her husband's focus and morals.
  • Dennis Kucinich - Short speech, cranked up to 11. He may be just this shy of crazy at times, but man he gets the job done.
  • Hillary Clinton - Uh. What just happened?!? Her current batshit crazy supporters, please god let them be a fringe, still try to denounce Obama and pledge their noseless, spited faces to McCain. Based on their shrill protestations, along with that shall-we-say overlong primary period, I didn't expect her to transform into such a gracious supporter. Her speech was phenomenal and her suspension of the DNC rules (though certainly not her idea alone) will be remembered as a shining moment of this election. I was expecting the worst, and am now glad I didn't need to be so pessimistic.
  • Bill Clinton - His weirdness from the last few months melted away. Many quotes, here's the one that hit me: People around the globe have always been more impressed by the power of our example than by the example of our power. A-fucking-men, bitches.
  • (still waiting to get a link for Biden's speech...)

And, as always, let's hope they can hold up their end of the deal and follow through with those promises...

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