24 October 2008


Comment thread on Reddit discussing (as a digression) how interactions in one domain affect your expectations in others.

  • Try looking at a book and the monitor and moving your mouse expecting the cursor to move from the monitor to the part of the book you are looking at.
  • I find myself looking for the arrows to vote no matter what website I am on.
  • I started drawing again reciently... every time I make a mistake my left hand makes the ctrl+z movement before I realize I need to pick up the eraser.

I just ranted to friends about the uselessness of comments without comment-voting. It's painful to even have to read that crap.

I've also been thinking of how a cross-domain utility could be written similar to the book/cursor: It'd be nice to transfer an IM discussion to SMS--or even voice--if you have to walk away from your computer. Transferable communication media. Some transfers make sense (SMS-to-email) some don't (voice-to-email?). It also feels similar to the R&D tech video showing copy-and-paste from print-to-screen (using cameras, OCR, and software). I can't find the video, but some university had put together a demo where they could "copy" printed material and paste it into an application on the computer. Kinda neat.

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