9 April 2009


I was upset to see my otherwise favorite group of internet people--Redditors--fairly lick their chops over the fact that the South Park creators were given signed photo of Saddam Hussein by Marines who forced him to watch himself in South Park the Movie. I may have mis-scanned, but among the few who called this out as a an infantile act, perpetrated by those who are to be "few" and "proud," were a majority going the route of that asshole Limbaugh by arguing that it was simply along the lines of a schoolboy prank. We are an idiot nation.

More mature was Slashdot's response. Typical of the lot: Do you endorse rape in our own prisons by any chance? I know plenty of people who do, and quite frankly, it's disturbing as hell. Revenge is not a valid public goal, even when you dress it up and call it "justice". Brutality diminishes us, not the criminals. Many more like that.

[ posted by sstrader on 9 April 2009 at 4:27:20 PM in Culture & Society ]