26 July 2009

Prokofiev and composition

From Boris Berman's book of analysis and performance notes, Prokofiev's Piano Sonatas, is a comment he heard from Prokofiev's son:

I recall Prokofiev's younger son, Oleg, remembering that Prokofiev frequently referred to the need to "Prokofievize" a newly composed work.

This is an honest insight into the mind of a tinkering composer (cf. the oft cited battlefield of a Beethoven score with the pristine pages of a Mozart:




Prokofiev's Prokofievization comes from the more common sketch-and-refine school of composition. Inspiration may sprout fully formed from the head of the inspired, but it doesn't necessarily emerge in its final form. Corollary from advice I'd received, the source of which I don't remember: don't get married to your first idea.

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