9 June 2010

RadioWave mention by Italian blogger

Italian blogger Andrea (Andy) Lawendel writes out of Milan about all things radio including traditional wireless broadcasts, internet streaming, and newer hardware that takes advantage of broadcast metadata (e.g. HD radio). Recently, he asked me a few questions about my radio schedule aggregator web site RadioWave and published the interview on his Radiopassioni blog. His introduction is in Italian (thank you, internet translator) but the subsequent interview is in my humble native language. There's much going on in the radio world that I wasn't aware of, so hopefully I don't come across as a rube.

One fascinating technology that Andy pointed me to is called RadioDNS. It is a proposal to connect the existing domain name system with standardized web services. This would enable software to link a broadcast stream to the broadcaster's web service which would provide rich metadata such as the station's location and services, current track name and artist, and album cover image. Brilliant.

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