6 July 2010

Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Some random surfing prompted me to read about the acclaimed 1997 post-rock album F-sharp A-sharp Infinity from Godspeed You! Black Emperor. The pressing and inserts (taken from Wikipedia) look fanciful:


After one+ listenings I'm not sure I follow the breathless praise that they got for this, but it's still a solid and unique work. Not without precedent, much sounds like Slint's classic Spiderland (no, I didn't edit the Spiderland entry to add that) of six years earlier and both are children of Glenn Branca. I remember ordering a cassette of GB's Symphony #1 for electric guitars from a mail-order ROIR catalog back when it came out ~1983 and his Symphony #3 on vinyl around the same time. I guess a lot of other musicians did also. Contrast that lineage with the more chaotic and jazzy instrumental meandering of Don Caballero. Found the cassette buried in a drawer:


(The band took their name from a documentary about a Japanese biker gang called Godspeed, You Black Emperor, available at CINEstrike! Films. I'd originally found that site back in Feb 2005 when it was called 5 Minutes To Live.)



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