22 November 2010

Girl Talk

I'd been hearing about Girl Talk for the last few years but avoided it because it's what all the cool kids were listening to. I'm well aware of my reverse snob impulses. Still, when All Day came out last week and the cool internet kids were again buzzing, I decided to give a listen. After months with my PS2, I still haven't gotten locked into any game with any sort of desirous frenzy however I have gotten quite addicted to two games on my Android (Replica Island and Robot Defender, for those keeping score). With those games, there is no off switch and I could play back-to-back sessions forever. Listening to the Girl Talk albums provides a similar, limitless enjoyment.

And it's that similarity to being a waste-of-time that made me a little wary of Girl Talk. 2008: Girl Talk from Neojaponisme treads heavily and at length over these questions of art via Adorno and musique concrete (more fun to think about than listen to lol). Also a good read: We Are More Excited about Girl Talk on Everything than the Beatles on iTunes from The Awl. Expressing everything I've been feeling about that ridiculous ad campaign of Apple's. Bonus points for the reams of hatred towards Girl Talk in the comments.

Finally, the links:

  • My location of choice has been Grooveshark.
  • New album plus all four previous (published in two-year cycles) are available at Illegal Art.
  • All Day Samples streams the album and displays the names of the songs being sampled as they appear.
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