31 March 2011

IM purgatory

Ars is reporting on a new feature in Trillian that allows you to continue IM conversations while hopping between computers and phones. In the background, Trillian will continuously sync messages across logged in devices. I had long wanted this feature and would consider dropping Digsby. Alas, my current company blocks IM clients so I've reluctantly moved to Meebo. It's a nice enough web client, but Digsby allows me to archive to the web via Dexrex.

Dexrex has its own issues. I've used it for a couple of years and after IM-History went defunct-ish it became the only game in town. After importing IM conversations from several old machines, I have access to random discussions going back to December 2005 (the first with Lady Crumpet, no less!). Still, being the only game in town means that search can stop working a year ago and it still not be fixed, and that there's no support for mass export of your messages making it effectively like Meebo. When search worked, it was invaluable to find recommended articles from friends or to remember when a co-worker asked for a certain feature. Without search... well, offsite backup is nice. Dexrex are in the middle of a massive re-tooling, so maybe these annoyances will be remedied.

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